Page Change!

2009-05-25 03:39:04 by TheMayo

For everyone or anyone that likes my stuff, I Have changed Names =]

New Account:

Once Again

2009-01-31 16:18:39 by TheMayo

My Mom had failed to pay the Intronet bill
And seeing as Newgrounds is banned at EVERY public location, i could not log on
But i AM back....for at least another month

Keep It Real, YO!


2008-12-19 17:50:38 by TheMayo

Im banned on the BBS for another 4 days...
Christmas break, and i cnt even get on the forums

I won't make it

Listen to My Hardstyle Barrel Roll track: /195492

Music News

2008-11-29 17:10:17 by TheMayo

So I've recently decided to start making REAL music, i just lack the vocals...I have one song ALMOST ready to be completed...I just need a vocalist...and sum lyrics, I can come up with lyrics but i need sumone to sing's the song. Comment if your interested in working on this or future projects /189657

I'm Back

2008-10-10 15:19:41 by TheMayo

Not like anybody noticed, but i am back nd better than ever, basically the same.

For anybody who is outraged enough to want a reason for my absence, well...My mom was poor, so the interweb went byebye

Xookie....And His Dad

2008-08-31 05:29:45 by TheMayo

I made this for a DUMBASS thread...But by the time i finished
the thread was Destroyed

Xookie....And His Dad

Running For Office

2008-08-24 14:47:03 by TheMayo

For the Prezidency of The Intrawebs

BabyChipmunkB is going dwn

I Don't Have a Vice President, Secretary of Spam, or a Speaker of the grounds yet...But I Will!

The Elections will be held November Third 08. So be sure to vote for me!

Running For Office


2008-08-20 17:47:18 by TheMayo

Porn You Hafta WORK for
XD 27667ad9a2125911fabc7bf44c

New 3 Part Audio Story

2008-08-17 19:52:55 by TheMayo

Im working on a big projecty nd i shud have it done by the end of the month
i have a very simple story so far, but i'm still working on it

Uh...Well Now

2008-08-17 05:20:19 by TheMayo

I've Just Recently Joined NG (Having Deleted My Old Account Months Ago)

This Time Around I Plan to Submit music and maybe (MAYBE) Flash in the future